Battambang, Off the Beaten Track

When you think of traveling around Cambodia, the places that probably come to mind would be Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and the Koh Rong islands. Not many people would consider Battambang on their itinerary. It’s not spoken about much and is slightly off the beaten track. We spontaneously decided to go there for a coupleContinue reading “Battambang, Off the Beaten Track”

The Beauty of Bohol

While Bohol isn’t as popular as some of the other islands in the Phillipines, it’s definitely one of the more naturally stunning places to visit. If you’re after a bit of a chill out after partying too hard on Boracay, or you want to experience somewhere purely unique with lots of different things to do,Continue reading “The Beauty of Bohol”

A Day in Mui Ne

I didn’t have very high expectations for Mui Ne as I hadn’t heard much about it and didn’t think there was much going on. It used to be a little fishing village but now it’s a lot more built-up, mainly with seaside resorts and hotels. We decided to check it out on our way downContinue reading “A Day in Mui Ne”

Visiting Jaipur, The Pink City

Jaipur was definitely one of my favourite places we visited on our two week trip through India. With so much culture and history to soak up, along with the vibrancy of the city, I instantly fell in love with it. We spent three days there, exploring the busy bustling streets, taking in all the diverseContinue reading “Visiting Jaipur, The Pink City”