Beautiful Byron Bay

After a long, exhausting 13 hour overnight bus journey from Sydney, we finally arrived in Byron Bay. But instead of glorious sunshine like we expected, it was pouring with rain. Like torrential rain. And it pretty much didn’t stop for three days straight. It was unusually stormy for that time of year (February). We stayed there for six nights so luckily it cleared up, and the last three days were very nice!

I can’t explain Byron Bay’s charm unless you visit it. It’s not like your normal beach town – it’s something else. You walk down the street and there’s a group of hippies sitting on the floor playing ukuleles and singing. Every shop is so quaint and unique, selling handmade jewellery and tie-dye tops. This small town’s laid back atmosphere and cool energy will instantly make you feel far away from the stresses of everyday life.

A popular thing to do there is to take a trip up to Nimbin. This is a tiny little town about two hours inland that is ten times more laid back and hippyish than Byron Bay, feels like a throwback to the seventies. It’s where people go to feel even more relaxed… filled with “hemp bars”, where you can easily buy edibles, or you can get it from random art galleries. The little shops have loads of handicrafts and arty things to buy as well. It’s all very strange but a great day trip out. We booked the Happy Coach tour, which also stops at a cool waterfall, and provides burgers for lunch.

One of the days we walked up to Cape Byron lighthouse, Australia’s most easterly point. I made the mistake of wearing sandals not trainers, thinking it would be a chilled walk, but it was very up and down with uneven ground. The views from the top were incredible though, looking back over the bay, and over the other side to Tallow’s beach. The weather was a bit stormy that day, so as soon as we got back down to the beach, the heavens opened. We stripped down into our bikinis and ran into the warm sea water, we were getting soaked anyway!

Nevermind all the fun things there are to do in the daytime here, at night this town comes alive! There’s one main street where all the bars and clubs are, so each night we went to a different one. Our favourites were the Balcony Bar (for chilled dinner and cocktails), Cheeky Monkey’s (a small club with weird benches to dance on and cheesy music), Woody’s Surf Shack (chilled club with live Djs), and Byron Beach Hotel (a half-outdoor, huge club with a variety of live gigs).

At the Beach Hotel’s reggae night

If you ever visit Australia, Byron Bay should be a must. It was definitely one of my favourite parts of the trip – from the awesome people we met, to the crazy nightlife, and amazing beach, it was all so cool.

a stormy evening listening to a live singer/ guitar player by the beach


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