Incredible Fraser Island

As part of our epic trip up the East Coast of Australia we did a three day, two night tour of Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. We booked it with Cool Dingo, so we were with a group of about 25 for the three days, and it was awesome.

After a long bus journey we arrived at Hervey Bay, a random little town in Queensland, and waited at the bus station in hope that someone from Cool Dingo tours would collect us. Eventually a van arrived and took us to the ferry port to head across to Fraser island. Arriving in the dark, it was hard to make out what it was like. We stayed in little lodges with a few bunkbed rooms each. On the first night we chilled with the few people from our group who were already there; had some drinks at the ‘Dingo Bar’.

Day One

Met the rest of our group who’d just arrived on the island, along with our tour guide, a funny Aussie man called Dave. First stop was Lake Mckenzie, amazing lake with the purest white sand and the clearest bright blue water. We chilled there for a couple hours before having sandwiches and salads for lunch nearby. Had a bumpy bus ride to a semi-tropical rainforest and walked through it for about 45 minutes. We were rewarded with tea and biscuits at the end. In the late afternoon we went to the main jetty and chilled at the beach there, watched the sunset and drank our goon (wine in a bag). We were lucky and had a great group of people; everyone got on really well. In the evening, after the buffet dinner, we all drank at one of the lodges and played drinking games, then went to the Dingo Bar for more drinks and had a little party.


Day Two

We set off at 7:30am, most of us feeling pretty rough after last night, for Seventy Five Mile beach. Classed as a highway and one of the world’s best coastal drives, the beach runs all the way up the east side of the island. It’s not the type of beach you can sunbathe and swim at though, the waters are filled with toxic jellyfish and sharks, and there are dingos chilling on the sand.

A few of us paid about $80 to go on a short 15 minute ride in a tiny plane that took off and landed on the beach – great way to see the island from above but the weather was pretty grey and cloudy. It was probably a rip off but still super fun! We then went to Champagne Pools, a rare swimming spot on the island where the waves crash against the volcanic rocks into the bubbling pools. It was so nice to relax there and cure our hangovers.

We also walked up to Indian Head, saw the Maheno Shipwreck, and went tubing down Eli Creek – very action-packed, fun day!


Day Three

After another early start we headed off to Lake Wabby, a small freshwater lake opposite a huge sand dune with a steep slope down to the water. We chilled there for a while, letting the little fish nibble our skin in the water. It started to rain so we walked across the sand and through a forest for 45 minutes. Dave met us on the other side where we had lunch, before going to another lake for stand-up paddle boarding! I’d never done it before and it turned out to be harder than I thought – especially because the paddle boards were deflating and kept bending in half when we stood on them, and the lake was very choppy. It was still a laugh anyway and we had a lot of fun trying to fit three or four people on one board.

After a while on the bumpy bus back to the main area, we had showers to freshen up, and had some drinks on the beach before catching the ferry back to the mainland. Everyone was feeling worn-out from the crazy past few days, and sad to say bye, but it was a trip I’ll never forget.


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